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about the JBS Lagos and admissions into the

Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Programme (BECP) in this video.

The JBS Lagos Pioneers

After 9 months of intensive classes and hands on practicals via virtual and physical learning experiences, Joseph Business School, Lagos successfully launched 50 Graduates into the marketplace who are now set to take over as leaders of their respective sectors.

Are you an Established Entrepreneur or an Aspiring Entrepreneur with an entrepreneurial calling? Maybe you are a business leader who wants to do business God’s way using biblical principles.

Joseph Business School is a world-class institution that equips entrepreneurs and individuals using practical and biblical principles to raise up companies and create wealth to transform desolate places into flourishing communities for the glory of God.

JBS Lagos is a global partnership between The Covenant Nation and JBS USA to enable interested participants enrol, attend courses, and get certified here in Lagos Nigeria.

At Joseph Business School, we offer entrepreneurial training from a Christian worldview; we teach how to do business in God’s way. You can learn how to apply key biblical principles for successful business ventures. Our program allows a hands-on curriculum to enable students gain the skill and mindset to operate their own business and become business leaders.



1. Faith Based Perspective

Joseph Business School offers entrepreneurial training from a Christian world view; we teach how to do business God’s way. Our program allows hands-on curriculum to enable students to gain the skill and mindset to operate their own business and become business leaders.

2. An Accredited Institution

Joseph Business School is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. We are certified by the Division of Private Business and VocationaI Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and offer a certificate of completion.

3. A Blended Programme

Students that need increased flexibility and convenience will f ind the JBS Lagos Blended Programme a good fit and it is a mirror image of the JBS campus programme. Courses will be delivered in a blended format of Live Virtual; Recorded Virtual and Onsite Physical.

4. High Calibre Faculty

Our Faculty Instructors are born-again and Spirit-filled with deep expertise in a variety of industries and include Lawyers, Certified Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, Chartered Accountants , Management Consultants, C-suite executives and Business owners. Most importantly, they have practical experience of starting and operating” a business and corporate management experience.

At the Joseph Business School, Lagos you partake of the impartation from two anointed ministries Dr. Bill Winston’s Living Word Christian Centre and Pastor Poju Oyemade’s The Covenant Nation.

You receive revelation and education, as you draw out your business and career plans. You see what God can do in your life by changing the image inside you, capitalizing on your God-given talents to profit in the market place. It’s about thinking, planning and implementing BIG ideas.

We call it #TheJBSAdvantage

Hear what current JBS Lagos Students & Faculty Members have to say…

The Joseph Business School Lagos Faculty

With a cummulative experience of 450+ Years, our 25 member Faculty & Management understand the Nigerian Terrain, they are professionals, industry and subject matter experts in their own right and because this is a biblical based institution, they are spirit-filled, born again and bring that perspective to the courses they teach.

The JBS Lagos Business & Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (BECP) Program Modules

The JBS Lagos Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate program contains courses based on a hands-on curriculum that enables our students gain the skill and mindset to operate their own businesses and become business leaders.

This season, our Students are creating NEW BUSINESSES that are transforming economies.

At JBS Lagos we don’t just teach entrepreneurship, we teach entrepreneurship with biblical insights based on biblical principles, raising business leaders who build successful business ventures by doing business God’s way.