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About JBS Lagos

The Joseph Business School (JBS) is a world class institution that equips entrepreneurs and individuals using practical and biblical principles to raise up companies and create wealth to transform desolate places into flourishing communities for the glory of God.

The Covenant Nation (TCN), through its TCN Leadership Centre, has finalized a global partnership license with JBS, to establish the Joseph Business School, Lagos, Nigeria (JBS Lagos).

JBS Lagos will replicate the global objectives, goals and educational standards of JBS, situating this within the context of our local business environment, in order to deliver same quality learning experience to locally enrolled students in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is what you learn when you join JBS Lagos

Proven Success

With over 600 alumni in the US of which 71% of these alumni are in business today. These alumni are experiencing average turnovers of between 2.5 – 4 times the industry average in the first 2 years.

9 month Program

The JBS Lagos program takes place over 9 months and is part-time enabling anyone to enroll with continuous mentorship and support throughout the duration of the course

Prayer & Support

Each student will receive individual prayer and support; and prayer will be a key component in seeing the potential in each entrepreneur unlocked.


The JBS Lagos program is affiliated with The Joseph Business School in Chicago, Illinois which is nationally accredited in the US through ACCET .

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